Ethics of scientific and promotional publications.

Authors of published scientific and promotional materials are responsible for the accuracy of the information given, for the lack of data which is not a subject of the public release, the accuracy of information in references to the literature sources and the absence of plagiarism. Source of funding for the work should be specified.

The authors take the responsibility that the deployment of scientific and promotional materials does not violate any copyrights. The authors are responsible for the misuse of intellectual property rights, copyrights, or "know-how" in full in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. The authors confirm that the paper nowhere had not been published before, are not guided and will not be sent for publication in other scientific journals without notifying the magazine.

The authors are involved in the peer review process and correct all errors and inaccuracies marked by reviewers.

The reviewer must provide an objective review, have no conflict of interest with the authors and the sponsoring organization of the work and ensure the confidentiality of reviews. All mentioned in the article, authors should make a significant contribution to the work outlined in the article.

Editorial Board has the right to accept or reject the article, and also to make cuts and editorial changes to the text manuscript.

In the process of articles revision Editorial Board should not have a conflict of interest with the authors. If there are errors Editorial contribute to their elimination and correction.

The editors may publish articles in order of discussion, not sharing the view of the authors.

Editorial Board is monitoring the publishing process and publishing changes, clarifications and apologies if necessary.

At a reprint the reference to the journal is required.