Russian Journal Chemical Industry Today is published since December, 1924 before 2003 it named KHIMICHESKAYA PROMYSHLENNOST. At the present time it has above 400 subscribers chemical firms, researches centers and Universities of Russia. Since 1944 up to the end of 1999 English version of the journal was published, however on the economical reasons the issuing was interrupted.

Russian chemical industry is the most developing branch in 2000 2013 years. The nitrogen and rubber industries, benzene and its derivative production, methanol synthesis and so on have the best successes. A part of raw hydrocarbons, which is processed into chemical products, is increasing. Many new joint ventures are working now in Russia to realize new technologies. Therefore the renewed editors pay the main attention to interpretation of new experience, new successes, new tendencies and new ideas in chemical treating of raw natural materials. The significant part of the journal was devoted and will be devoted to raw materials and energy saving problems as well as to the ecology problems and safety problems. On a level on todays problems, the considerable part of our attention will be put to new technology and apparatuses investigation, methods of calculation and so on.

The subscription index by post in the Rospechat Agency catalog is 81403 (half-year subscription). Online subscription to the full-text version is available via the eLIBRARY scientific electronic library.www.elibrary.ru


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