for reviewing the manuscript papers submitted to the journal "Chemical industry today" .

Editor in chief V.F.Shvets refers received manuscript articles to category, which corresponds to the article, and send to the members of the Editorial Board, responsible for the proper category for the subsequent passage of the review.

Member of the editorial directs the article to three referees, unknown to the author. Reviewers should not have a conflict of interest with the authors and the sponsoring organization and work to ensure the confidentiality and objectivity of reviews. In the case of comments and errors to be eliminated, the Editorial Board sends the comments of the reviewer to the authors and, if necessary, arrange for their correspondence, without revealing the name of the reviewer.

The final decision on publication of the article is accepted by Editorial Board, taking into account the final opinions of the member of the Editorial Board in charge of the examination of this article and reviewers. In the case of a negative review a written reasoned refusal to publish is directed to the authors